Are you being flooded with Spam messages? 

Do you spend most of your time deleting unwanted messages instead of reading legitimate e-mail? 

Are e-mail messages quickly becoming a nuisance and a waste of time, instead of the ultimate time-saver in modern communications and efficiency?  

Don’t give up yet!  GreenNet has Spam filters that really work and receive rave reviews from all of our amazed users. 

According to recent studies, up to 85% of all received e-mail messages are Spam. For some of us this percentage reaches close to 98%!.  With GreenNet’s Spam filters you can block up to 99.5% of all Spam.  Our Spam filters are easy to use, require minimum user intervention, and come in two levels: 

1)      Advanced.  Suspect messages are marked [SPAM?] and are NOT forwarded to you but remain in a folder on our server. You can see your SPAM folder using GreenNet WebMail.  Three days after you open your mailbox using a Mail client (Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, Mac OS Mail), Spam-marked messages are deleted automatically unless you move them to the IN box.  They will not be deleted if you only use our Webmail. Using WebMail you can manage your SPAM filters by moving messages from the SPAM folder to your IN box (and vice-versa) and, thus, "teach" the system which mail you want. This will avoid false positives and mark as SPAM, messages that escape the filters.  Actively managing your SPAM filters can cut SPAM up to 99.5%.  You become your own “SPAM Administrator”. A Spam Administrator needs about 10-15 minutes, per mail box, twice a day, and can manage all or some of the mailboxes in a group. This is a great feature that allows an assistant to manage Spam for his/her boss.  This service costs $3/month.

2)      Advanced Plus (Recommended). You assign us as the SPAM Administrator for your mailbox(es), and we manage your SPAM folders for you. With this service we undertake to detect Spam up to 98%, without any false positives. With information you provide we can block mail that you don’t want to receive and keep mail that you do want, regardless of what the Spam filters think.  This service costs $5/month.

 How does it work?

 It is all done at the mail server level so that, with our Advanced services, you don't even have to download any unwanted messages.  An added benefit is that you also do NOT download any virus-laden messages. You save on bandwidth (one of the biggest concerns with Spam) and you protect your system from unknown-source messages, which are the main senders of computer viruses.  For the ultimate protection you can also purchase our e-mail anti-virus protection (at the server level) for only $1/month.  Of course, like any other commercially-available anti-virus program, we cannot guarantee that our anti-virus program will detect all viruses, but it sure beats trying to clean your computer once the viruses have already made it to your machine! 

If you would like a more technical explanation on how our Spam filters work, please continue reading below:

GreenNet® Instant Anti Spam

GreenNet Instant Anti-Spam (GIAS) is the most powerful and complete Anti-Spam solution on the market today. In its Advanced mode it approaches close to 100% accuracy. This accuracy exceeds that of many systems costing tens of thousands of dollars and gives you "out-of-the-box" Spam message identification with an extremely low number of false positives.  GIAS is based on a system developed by Icewarp Software, the Prague-based publishers of the acclaimed Merak Mail server.

GreenNet Instant Anti-spam User Administration Window

GIAS incorporates all of the known and most advanced anti-Spam methods for identifying Spam. Our unique Advanced mode solution gives you the power to identify more than 99.5% of Spam messages with an extremely low number of false positives.

Cutting Edge Technology

GIAS merges time-tested technologies such as Content Filtering, SpamAssasin™ (  Anti- Spam filtering and Static Filters, and integrates them with Merak's new cutting edge Bayesian Filtering technology. Bayesian filtering technology calculates the probability of a message being Spam by analyzing its content. The system runs in automated, auto-update mode requiring no dedicated administration from the end-user, at all.

Ease of Administration

A new type of user, called Spam Administrator, is the new feature that allows any GreenNet email user to monitor and maintain both Spam and legitimate messages and teach the system to significantly improve identification accuracy.  An Administrator's basic function is to correct false positives and to identify Spam to teach the system.  Spam Administrators use our free GreenNet WebMail to manage the user's mail folders.

Sophisticated Self Learning Mode

GIAS in Advanced mode runs in a sophisticated "self learning" mode. This mode allows the system to learn from mistakes by allowing users, empowered as Spam Administrators, to easily "teach" the system by feeding undetected Spam back to the GIAS. Conversely, false positives can also be fed back to the system for further learning. Finally. "must receive" messages can be included in the White List, while "never wanted" messages can be included in the Black List, despite of what the Spam filters may determine. Both lists are maintained at the user level (not the server level).  This means that each GreenNet email user can have his/her own White/Black lists.  Now, that is flexibility!!

Full Control of Spam

The Spam Folder in the GIAS is a new and unique feature that allows users to store Spam messages on GreenNet's mail servers. Users can then browse their Spam and Inbox folders and can move messages from one folder to the other. This is easily accomplished using our free GreenNet WebMail from any computer in the world that is connected to the Internet.

GreenNet® Instant Anti-Spam, the Final Solution

GIAS is the "final solution" to your spam problems and can help any individual or organization (large and small) virtually eliminate spam once and for all at an incredibly low price.  

As we mentioned above, GIAS operates in two modes: Advanced and Advanced Plus.  The Advanced mode allows you to access the GreenNet mail server directly, before downloading any messages. The Advanced mode allows you to "teach" the system to virtually eliminate false positives and to block almost all unwanted messages at the server level.  It also allows you to use the self-configured White and Black Lists.  The Advanced Plus mode designates us as the Spam Administrator to custom-manage the system daily for you.  Prices are detailed below, to order it please send us an e-mail at or call us at 978-499-8700

Service Monthly Cost
No Spam protection None
Advanced $3/mailbox
Advanced Plus $5/mailbox

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