Jorge, the filter is working SO well; I'm really pleased with it and only wish I'd installed it much earlier.
Thanks so much.
Magnolia, MA


Thanks for your help screening my spam mail! What a difference!


I don't want service from a Goliath.  I like the fact that EVERY time I have called for help someone answered the phone.  I've never been put on hold or been spoken
to like I was an idiot (even though I bet some of my questions were stupid)
and I appreciate that.

Keep up the good work!

Jackye Johnson
Atkinson, NH

Thanks ..... you all have been fabulous to work with!  I recommend you all to my friends and business acquaintances everywhere!  

Deb Lane
Amesbury, MA

Hi Guys: 

Please tell Nelson that I love my DSL access.  All is working now,........  I have 7 phones connected.  In addition, I am connected with two computers to the internet (one to GreenNet and one to my IBM intranet) and I'm on the phone!!!!!   Yee Haw!!!  Anyway...the test of the DSL connection is to  access (the bandwidth hog of the century).  I can't believe the difference.

Warm Regards,

Pamela Battistone...
a very satisfied customer!
Bradford, MA


Just a quick follow up to let you know that once I followed directions the migration went off without a hitch...  new email looks great.

Thanks for the help.

Stu Barnes
Groveland- MA

Just got a look at the new webmail interface, looks great. Congratulations.

Phil Molea
Georgetown- MA

I couldn't be happier, everything has been working great. ......the speed of our T1 here has been a huge improvement and so far I have yet to hear anyone complaining about not being able to access something or that it is too slow.  ......  The router at work has been great.  I have yet to have to "reboot" it and the speed is fine.

Doug Burr
MIS Director
Schaefer Electronics Inc.
Ashland, MA

 Hi, I love this.  Have I been asleep, I just discovered this.  I am a client, I think you guy's are great.  I've spoken to  (don't kill me) Johaer??? and Joan, and they are both great.

Joan Richards
Rochester, New Hampshire

Editor's note:  Customer is using our web-based suggestions box., and we believe she  has trouble spelling Jorge (George)

We are very pleased with the performance of the ISDN network.  Thank you for working with us, and offering us   a solution for our needs.

We are cutting a check today.

Thank you again,

Jeffrey B. Toye
Chief Financial Officer
Rowley, MA

I just wanted to thank you so much for all the time you spent on our  computer.  I can tell that we will really enjoy the DSL and am so thrilled  to finally have it.  I feel so bad that it became such a project for you,  but wanted to let you know that you have another satisfied customer.  If I  would have had my husband try to install it we would have certainly given  up.  Thanks again for everything.


Elizabeth Brugger
Newburyport, MA


I would like to express my satisfaction with the quality of service I am receiving from my recently activated Greennet ISP account. I am in the process of canceling my existing RCN ISP account (with which I have been very unhappy.)

Those of us in Amesbury who commute to 128 daily, depend on a reliable ISP to connect to our office via VPN. Your service seems to be the best choice available for us for the foreseeable future.

Steven Plante
Amesbury, MA